How do I care for my Merino?

How do I care for my merino???

Your merino does not need to be cleaned all the time they need to be cleaned every so often.

Merino wool is very delicate and is unspun, you need to remember it’s a luxury item so taking good care of your merino will leave it looking fluffy and retain its softness for a very very long time.

Our chunky unspun merino does shed and pilling will occur naturally. This is not a fault. The heavier the use, the more damage your Merino will sustain.

When creating your blanket/ throw/ cushion or bedrunner a technique is used to keep the potential for damage to a minimum but remember they are still very soft and need to be cared for correctly.

Pilling will naturally occur in merino wool blankets with use. The heavier the use, the heavier the pilling. Do not use any device to remove these as it can damage your item. It’s much easier to remove by hand.

Gently take the part that’s pilled, and pull on it in the direction of the wool.  Unless you end up taking off too much, your chunky blanket should look just like new! If you accidentally spill something like coffee or wine on it gently dab with a cloth and run under a cold tap if still there.

As soon as you have removed the stain gently press a clean dry towel against it and soak up any water. Afterwards, put the blanket on a flat surface and do not tumble dry or put on a radiator. Do not wash a merino wool blanket in the washing machine! The combination of water, heat, and friction will cause the blanket to felt and it will not be as soft or look as fluffy when first bought.

Enjoy your merino and stay #merinocosy